Kindergarten Readiness

What is "Kindergarten ready"?


Being Kindergarten ready means a child is prepared to take on the challenges of Kindergarten. Kindergarten isn't just about learning to count to five and learning the ABCs. Children are expected to enter Kindergarten with varying social and academic skills that will allow them to advance to first grade. For example:

  • Knowing how to use scissors properly

  • Cooperating with other children

  • Identifying shapes and colors

  • Acquiring academic vocabulary and utilizing it in everyday life

  • Being ready to read and write prior to the start of Kindergarten


If you feel that your child could benefit from extra support, call us.  Early childhood education sets the groundwork for your child's academic journey. Using a Kindergarten Readiness assessment, EXCELerate's experienced pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten tutors can help you determine your child's readiness and create a customized learning plan to get him or her off to a great start.


Additionally, our tutors can help get your child ahead of the game! One-on-one and group tutoring sessions are available for Kindergarten Readiness. 

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