Shaping the Whole Child

While math, English and science are still vital pieces of the education puzzle, they don’t define a successful student. A child is limited when his or her success is based solely on their performance on a geometry test. A student’s success should be measured on more than just classroom performance. Rather, it should be measured on a student’s ability to think, engage and respond. So, how do we (parents, educators, and the like) encourage the growth of necessary social and emotional skills to become a successful individual (and student)? The answer is simple: integrate arts into education.

It’s no secret that creativity and academic success go hand in hand. The skills obtained through creative work such as drawing, painting, and dancing help shape the whole child, thus creating a successful individual ready to take on the world. Developing a growth mindset, gaining self-confidence, having improved cognition, strong communication, and a deepening cultural and self-understanding are just five of the endless benefits students have access to when they are exposed to arts both in and out of the classroom. Through the development and shaping of these skills and traits, a child is more likely to achieve academically and in future careers.

EXCELerate Tutoring is taking tutoring to the next level by redefining student success. We’re applying the notion that student success is not limited to just core classes by offering tutoring services that serve the whole student, rather than just pieces. By offering out of school arts experiences, EXCELerate Tutoring is able to provide meaningful exposure to language development, decision making, and inventiveness (just to name a few!) for children of all abilities and social classes. Studies have shown that participating in out of school arts, whether it be in a community setting or private instruction, helps supplement classroom instruction (meaning academic achievement) as well as build individualized character.

Struggling in school or not, see how integrating the arts into your child’s routine can help them focus, develop employable skills, and just overall be a confident and successful individual.

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